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COVID-19 Impact on the D.C. Bar Services

COVID-19 Impact on Member Service Operations

The D.C. Bar will transition to hybrid operations on April 29, 2022 while prioritizing member service, health, 和安全,只靠谱的滚球平台完全接种疫苗的游客到D.C. 总部大楼的酒吧,用于有限数量的面对面活动. Review the Bar’s COVID Guidelines & Visitor Policy.

我们继续鼓励您使用我们网站上提供的表格以及您的在线会员帐户内提供的服务来管理您的会员记录和/或汇款,以避免处理延误. 您也可以在正常工作时间内通过电话联系会员服务部, Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm EST (closed from 1pm - 2pm daily) or email [email protected] for assistance.

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D.C. Bar license

What are the D.C. Bar license fees?

Please refer to the Membership Classes & Fees 获取当前年度许可证费用的最新信息.

What are the deadlines for the D.C. Bar License?

In compliance with Article III, Section 8, D.C. Bar License renewals are due and payable on July 1.  会员必须于 July 15 to avoid a late fee. If your license renewal is not postmarked and/or received by September 30,您的会员资格将因未付款而自动被行政中止. See Membership Classes & Fees for current license fee amounts.


Effective May 1, 2020, the D.C. 酒吧将不再邮寄纸质发票收取执照费用.  所有通知将被发送到会员记录的主要电子邮件地址. 如果您在5月1日之后没有看到通知,请务必检查您的垃圾邮件/垃圾文件夹.  Contact Member Services if messages are not being received.

What is the D.C. Bar’s fiscal year?

The D.C. Bar’s fiscal year is July 1 to June 30 each year.

When must my license renewal fee be remitted?

本财政年度的许可证续期费用应于7月1日到期并支付. 会员必须在7月15日之前付款,以避免滞纳金.

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Becoming a D.C. Bar Member – New Admissions

How can I check on the status of my application?

请致电202-879-2710与哥伦比亚特区上诉法院招生委员会联系, or by email at [email protected]. 它位于430 E街NW,房间123,华盛顿特区20001. 

How do I become a D.C. Bar member?

哥伦比亚特区上诉法院招生委员会审查所有申请进入哥伦比亚特区靠谱的滚球平台协会. 要成为会员,无论是通过考试,动议,或特别法律顾问,访问 Committee on Admissions 哥伦比亚特区上诉法院的申请信息. 法学院认证表必须由法学院院长或注册主任填写并签名. Learn more about the different classes of membership at the D.C. Bar.

Do you have reciprocity with my state? Where can I find information?

入学委员会审查所有哥伦比亚特区靠谱的滚球平台的入学申请. See D.C. App. Rule 46. For further information, 请致电202-879-2710或电邮至 [email protected] 或访问他们的办公室,地址是430 E街NW, 123室,华盛顿特区20001.

How do I obtain a duplicate copy of my original application?

请通过电话202-879-2710或电子邮件联系招生委员会 [email protected]. 它位于430 E街NW,房间123,华盛顿特区20001.

I was recently sworn into the D.C. Bar. When can I expect to receive my Bar number?

您将在提交初始注册声明后不超过30天收到一个Bar号. Your Bar number is listed on the main page of your D.C. Bar online account once logged in. 您还将收到您的主要记录地址的发票, 请在注册声明中注明,在“会员编号”下列出您的靠谱的滚球平台编号.此外,您还将收到一张带有您的酒吧号码的酒吧卡. 如果您在注册声明中提供了电子邮件地址, you should receive an email from the D.C. 与您的酒吧号码和信息在您的新会员帐户.

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Member Benefits

What are the benefits of being a D.C. Bar Member?

The D.C. 酒吧确实提供了一些可以找到的会员福利 here.

Where can an attorney find out more information about D.C. Bar programs and services?

Please go to the Attorneys area.

Where can an attorney find assistance or counseling services?

The D.C. Bar为靠谱的滚球平台提供各种资源,包括对职业行为规则的解释指导, practice management advice, fee dispute resolution services, 以及免费保密的靠谱的滚球平台协助计划,协助靠谱的滚球平台, judges, and law students with issues such as mental health, addiction, and stress. These and other resources can be found here.

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Membership Information

How do I report the death of a member of the D.C. Bar?

The D.C. Bar对逝去会员的家人、朋友和同事深表同情. 如需报告会员死亡,请致电202-626-3475或电邮至 [email protected]. In order to appropriately update the member profile, we request you to provide the member’s date of passing. In some instances, 你也可能被要求提供死亡证明的副本或讣告的位置.

How will I get my license renewal form if I have relocated?

自2020年5月1日起,将不再邮寄许可证更新发票.  However, members are required by Rule II, Section 2, of the D.C. 哥伦比亚特区靠谱的滚球平台的上诉法院规则 在更改地址后30天内更新地址资料. A U.S. 寄给靠谱的滚球平台公会的邮政服务转发通知不能代替会员的明确书面通知.

Can I give you my change of address over the phone?

Yes, by contacting Member Services at 202-626-3475. Changes also can be submitted online, or via email at [email protected].


为了在我们的正式靠谱的滚球平台记录上更改您的名字,您必须填写 Change of Name Request Form and provide supporting documentation, such as a copy of your certified marriage certificate, court approved divorce declaration, 法院批准的名称变更文件或其他法院命令的确认所要求更改的认证文件. 您的公证表格和证明文件可通过电子邮件发送至 [email protected] or by fax to 866-550-9331.

您的联系信息的任何更新都应包含在此请求中. 新的酒吧卡可以从您的在线会员账户中收取10美元的费用.

How do I get my Bar membership card replaced?

Members who need their D.C. Bar Membership card replaced may log into their online member account to submit a replacement request. 酒吧卡是在现场打印的,需要2-3周的订单处理和交付. There is a $10 fee for the replacement of D.C. Bar membership cards.

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